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Kingho Railway & Port Company Hands Over another CDAP and CSR Projects to Kamasondo

Kingho Railway and Port Company, a subsidiary of Leone Rock Metal Group, has on Friday 30th September 2022 handed over its 3rd Quarter 2022 Community Development Action Plan (CDAP) project as well as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project to residents of Pepel Town and Mana 2 community, Kamasondo Chiefdom, Port Loko District, Northwestern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

The CDAP project is the rehabilitation of hospital at the only health center in Mana 2 Community. It is done as commitment to EPA’s provisions and other related regulations which mandates companies to bring in developments into their operational areas, the CSR project is the rehabilitation of the Police Quarter which was built in 1961 in Pepel Town as a boost to the security sector in Sierra Leone.

During the handing over ceremony, Assistant Inspector General Northwest Region Mustapha Kamara said that, he is impressed with the company service delivery especially in upholding it Corporate Social Responsibility. He highlighted that he previously witnessed the stakeholders meeting , School rehabilitation project, water project, ONS engagement which depict continuous stakeholders engagement and hope restoration in the minds of residents. He thanked the company and expressed optimism for more development.

Pa Santigie T. Kamara, Town Chief Pepel cheered the company for renovating the Police Quarters since it was built in 1961 as well as rehabilitating the Hospital in Mena 2 community. He called for more support to facelift the toilet facility.

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Chairlady of Kamasondo Chiefdom, Fatmata Dura Kamara said that she will continue to appreciate Leone Rock for their continuous support in Kamasondo Chiefdom. She stated that few weeks back, she credited the company for the overhead road construction and the ongoing Women in Agriculture Project now she is also showing gratitude to the Company for rehabilitating the Police Quarter and station. She said Leone Rock Support has been enormous and worth emulating. “The indigenes of Pepel Town are now happy for such development.” she said.

Osman Koroma Local Unit Commander (LUC) expressed his sincere thank and appreciation to the company for the CSR projects especially the hospital rehabilitation because it’s perfectly aligned with the agenda of the government and the vision of His Excellence the President. He said, the rehabilitation of police station is timely especially as peaceful environment plays a key role in the stability of this country.

On behalf of the company, Edward Moriba, Community Coordinator of Leone Rock Metal Group said that, the company is fully committed to complying with its CDAP, which, this time, is quite in line with the agenda of His Excellence the President, to boost the “Education for Development” and also fully committed to CSR projects to ameliorate the situations where the people want to see most. He assured all that Leone Rock is here to stay and to bring more goodies to not only its operational communities but Sierra Leone at large.