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Leon Rock Metal Group Celebrates Triple Milestones with Grand Ceremony

On May 10, 2024, Leon Rock Metal Group (LRMG) marked a momentous occasion with a grand ceremony held at its New Tonkolili Mine site in Sierra Leone. The event was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio and his First Lady, Speaker of the Sierra Leone Parliament, Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone Wang Qing, and various government ministers and dignitaries.

The ceremony commemorated three significant milestones for LRMG:

  • The completion of the main project of the 12 million-ton ore dressing plant
  • The commissioning of a new locomotive
  • The presentation of the CDA Community Development Fund

These achievements signify LRMG's unwavering commitment to growth and expansion, positioning the company for a new era of success.

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President Bio Lauds LRMG's Contributions

In his address, President Bio extended his heartfelt congratulations to LRMG on the completion of the ore dressing plant and the commissioning of the new locomotive. He acknowledged the company's remarkable growth and its positive impact on Sierra Leone's future.

"LRMG's rapid development has paved the way for a brighter future for Sierra Leone," President Bio remarked. "I urge the company to continue its pursuit of high-quality and high-speed growth, contributing even more to our nation's economy and employment opportunities."

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12 Million-Ton Ore Dressing Plant: A Catalyst for Local Development

The completion of the 12 million-ton ore dressing plant marks a pivotal step in LRMG's expansion plans. This state-of-the-art facility is expected to generate nearly a thousand new jobs for local residents, significantly boosting their income levels.

As the first large-scale ore dressing plant in Sierra Leone, it holds immense potential for nurturing a skilled workforce within the country. Moreover, it is poised to enhance LRMG's efficiency and global competitiveness in the iron ore supply market.

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New Locomotive Injects Dynamism into Rail Transportation

LRMG's introduction of the DF8BJ diesel locomotive, developed in China, heralds a new era of efficiency for rail transportation between the New Tonkolili Mine and Pepel Port. This specially customized narrow-gauge locomotive represents the first Chinese-made locomotive to enter Sierra Leone.

The DF8BJ's deployment will inject fresh vigor into the transportation system, substantially augmenting project production capacity, port loading efficiency, and overall logistics operations.

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Community Development Fund: Strengthening Bonds with Local Communities

LRMG's unwavering commitment to social responsibility shone through as they presented a substantial Community Development Alliance Fund of 53,056,773,000.00 SLL to three chiefdom territories. This gesture underscores the company's dedication to supporting and empowering local communities.

Remarkably, LRMG's CDA payments have witnessed a tenfold increase over the past three years, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to community development. This initiative not only enhances the well-being of local residents but also deepens the bonds of friendship between China and Sierra Leone.

LRMG: A Paradigm of Sustainable Growth and Community Engagement

LRMG's unwavering commitment to sustainable growth and community engagement is evident in its diverse portfolio, encompassing logistics, trade, shipping, energy, agriculture, and tourism. The company's vision is to establish itself as a world-class, comprehensive resource development enterprise.

Guided by its core values of respect, sharing, collaboration, and progress, LRMG stands as a beacon of hope and prosperity for Sierra Leone. The company's dedication to partnering with stakeholders and fostering a shared future is truly commendable.