Leone Rock Metal Group (LRMG), untilrecently was known as Kingho Investment Company Limited. It was established in Sierra Leone in July 2010.


    Leone Rock Metal Group is one of thelargest resource investment companies in West Africa. The company, till today, is the parent company of Kingho Mining Company and Kingho Railway & Port
    Company which are part of an integrated Iron Ore Mining, Railway-Port Handling and export group of companies.

    The asset encompasses an open pit Iron OreMine and surface operations located in Ferengbeya, Tonkolili and a 192 KM Railway and an integrated train discharge, ore processing and ship loading Port located in Pepel, Northwest Sierra Leone.

    The company acquired the Tonkolili mines inJanuary 2020, with proven reserves of 13.8 billion tons. So far, Kingho Mining Company has obtained a total of 18.8 billion tons of proven iron ore reserves and prospective 30 billion + tons Iron Ore Resource upon further exploration.Kingho Mining Company Limited undertakes a sustainable mining project that does not only contribute to the development of the localities within its operational areas, it also maintains an all-round compliance approach that will maintain
    continuous stakeholders and community engagement process as the project evolves into various stages.


    In November 9, 2023, Kingho Railway andPort Company Limited a subsidiary company of Leone Rock Metal Group renewed the lease agreement with the Government of Sierra Leone to operate and manage the railway and Pepel port after the first agreement In January 2021. The company's rail corridor passes through three districts Bombali, Karene, and Port Loko where the port is located.