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Leone Rock Metal Group hosts a music festival and talent competition


With Christmas and New Year's Day just around the corner, Leone Rock Metal Group held the first "Leon Loch Cup 2022 Annual Talent Show and Award Night" outdoor music festival and talent competition on Saturday, December 17, 2022 at the Ironport Community to recognize talented Chinese and Cypriot employees and further promote cultural exchanges between China and Cyprus.

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The event also invited the Minister of Gender and Children's Social Welfare of Sierra Leone, the Chief of the Pepel Region and relevant community leaders, the sub-contractors and the leaders and members of the 23rd Chinese medical team to Sierra Leone. More than 200 cast members from group headquarters, mining company, Ironport Company, Ironport employees and Pepperell community residents watched the wonderful performance.

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This event is the first large-scale cultural competition held by Leone Rock Metal Group. There are 40 performances covering Chinese cultural programs, singing, dancing, magic, comedy and other art types, which are all created by the employees of the Group. The performance is full of laughter and wonderful: magnificent collective chorus, unrestrained songs and dances, humorous sketches...... It shows the vigorous spirit of the group employees, describes the group's thriving performance, and writes a beautiful scenery of the harmonious family of the Group's employees.

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Before the competition, Mr. Zhao Ting, CEO of Leone Rock Metal Group, extended holiday greetings to the guests and employees, and put forward his message and outlook for the booming development of the group in the coming year of 2023. In his opening speech, Mr. Zhao Ting, CEO of Leone Rock Metal Group, said that it is one of the company's goals to recognize the positive impact of employees on the growth and development of the company. This event is not only to identify and honor outstanding employees with artistic talents, but also to celebrate and thank all employees for their hard work. Taking this opportunity to give you a stage to better show the other side of the work, but also in order to promote the cultural exchange between the staff of China and Cyprus, in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere to enjoy a grand ceremony of cultural diversity. Finally, CEO Zhao Ting expressed Christmas and New Year's greetings to all employees and their families in advance

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At the end of the Music Festival and Talent Competition, the Minister of Gender and Child Welfare of Sierra Leone, acting as the chief judge of the event, announced the ranking and awarded the winners. "Tonight's event is the largest celebration ever held as a mining company," she said. "It is a great pleasure to see both Chinese and Cypriot employees on stage together, demonstrating friendship and skill, creating a visual and auditory feast. I would also like to thank Leone Rock Metals Group for hosting the event in the Pepperell community. To provide the community villagers to enrich the recreational life and broaden the horizon of opportunity and experience.

The team won first place and a prize of 15 million leons

The headquarters team finished second and won a prize of 10 million Lyons.

The mine team finished third and won a prize of 5 million Lyons.


At last, Mr. Zhao Ting, Minister of Social Welfare for Gender and Children of Sierra Leone, CEO of the Group, and Mr. Wu Yuanbin, COO, presented trophies, prizes and certificates of honor to the winners of the competition.