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Leone Rock Metals Group awarded the "Platinum Honor" for sponsoring the First Lady of Sierra Leone Charity Dinner


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The "Hands Off Our Girls" campaign was launched in December 2018 by Her Excellency Fatima Jabi Mada Bio, First Lady of the President of Sierra Leone, with the aim of calling on society to raise awareness of the protection of women and support access to humanitarian assistance for women and girls. The campaign has had great success in recent years in improving the quality of life of young girls and women in Sierra Leone and further ensuring that women's basic human rights are upheld.

The event also served as a fundraising dinner for the 34th Military Hospital expansion and renovation project in Sierra Leone. The 34th Military Hospital is not only the only military hospital in Sierra Leone, but also the partner hospital of the Fifth Medical Center of the PLA. The Military Medical team of Sierra Leone aims to help treat critically ill patients and provide medical support for emergency rescue missions in Sierra Leone. The hospital expansion and renovation project is of great significance to improve people's livelihood and medical level.

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  • Concept diagram of the 34th Military Hospital Extension and renovation project in Sierra Leone


This year, the President and First Lady of Namibia were specially invited to attend the ceremony. In his speech, he not only expressed strong support for the "Hands Off Our Girls" campaign of the First Lady of Sierra Leone, but also praised the expansion and renovation of hospitals in Sierra Leone to improve medical standards.


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Mr. Ting Zhao, Chief Executive Officer of Leone Rock Metals Group, accepted the Platinum Award on behalf of the company from the President and the First Lady in recognition of the Group's continued support for the Hands Off Our Girls campaign and the redevelopment of the 34th Military Hospital. In her speech at the ceremony, the First Lady highlighted Leone Rock Metals Group's outstanding efforts in community activities and corporate social responsibility programs throughout Sierra Leone. Over the past two years, Leone Rock Metal Group has implemented more than 50 community development projects in its major communities, covering such key areas as youth and child protection, women empowerment, hospital assistance and renovation, free medical care and medical donations. The company will continue to attach great importance to community development and social responsibility, and vigorously support the Sierra government to improve the construction of basic medical facilities, and establish a new mining and energy enterprise that promotes economic development, increases employment and improves people's livelihood.