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  • Leone Rock Metals Group holds its 2022 Annual Summary Recognition Conference


On January 15, 2023, as the Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching, the national flag of Iron Port Company camp of Leone Rock Metals Group is waving and decorated in Pepel Port, Sierra Leone, West Africa, thousands of miles away from the country. Leone Rock Metals Group solemnly held the 2022 Annual Summary and commendation Conference. The annual meeting lasted for two days with warm atmosphere and continuous applause. All business sectors summarized the work in 2022 and made plans for the work in 2023.

Chairman Huo of the Group gave important instructions, which not only affirmed the Group's work in 2022 and five-year development plan, but also put forward ardent expectations and requirements for the work in 2023.

Mr Ding has put forward the implementation policies and strategies for the group's key work objectives.

CEO Mr. Zhao Ting made a report on the Group's five-year development plan and prospected the group's future five-year development plan.

COO Mr. Wu Yuanbin made the annual report of the Group, which thoroughly summarized the group's work in 2022 and deployed the key work in 2023. The report was rich in content and detailed in data, which was exciting.

This annual summary and commendation conference is also the first annual outstanding collective and individual commendation conference held by Leone Rock Metal Group since its establishment, which fully reflects the company's corporate culture of "respect, sharing, progress and cooperation".

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Highlight 1: The main venue of the conference gathered representatives of Freetown headquarters, mining companies, Ironport Company and subcontractors. Online, there were members of the board of directors of the Group, business consultants of the group, mining consultants, representatives of domestic employees, etc., which was an unprecedented year-end conference with the highest specifications and the largest number of participants since the establishment of the group.

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Highlight 2: In this conference, Mr. Zhao Ting, CEO of Leone Rock Metal Group, put forward the "Five-Year Development Plan" for the first time. The "Plan" elaborated the development status, competitive advantages and challenges of the Group, the guiding ideology, overall ideas and development goals as well as the implementation plan of the five-year development plan of the Group, which will be the basic route and guideline for the development of the group in the next five years. Mr. Zhao stated firmly, "After five years of hard work, we will strive to develop Leone Rock Metals Group into one of the world-class mining companies by 2027."

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Highlight 3: Mr. Ding Shichao, President of the Group, said that through this commendation activity, we aim to encourage everyone to work better. In 2022, Leone Rock Metal Group achieved its first operating profit, which is another important milestone for our company. President Ding forward-looking analysis and judgment of the internal and external development environment facing the group, through the actual cases of each section of the analysis of the problem in a simple way, put forward guiding work policies and strategies, so as to imprudently remind us that all this is hard-won, each of us should know that the responsibility is heavy, arduous and long way to go, beware of arrogance and impetuous, cautious of words and actions. At the same time we should cherish this enterprise, cherish our brand, cherish this common our home." Chairman Huo positively appreciated the achievements made by the Group in the past year, and also highly recognized the content of the conference report. Chairman Huo's instructions reassured the group's leaders to build confidence and carry out their work freely. The several requirements put forward by Chairman Huo made all the staff feel the full support and infinite care of the group board of directors for the project work, and the participants were deeply encouraged.

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Highlight 4: Awards of "Outstanding Department of the Year", "Outstanding Subcontractor of the Year", "Outstanding Team of the Year" and "Outstanding Individual of the Year" were widely distributed. As a mining enterprise with more than 3,000 employees, it was the first time for many local employees to attend such a grand annual conference, and they won unheard of honors and material awards. A representative of the Chinese Cypriot staff was in high spirits and tearful as he took to the stage to deliver his acceptance speech.

The Annual Summary and commendation Conference of Leone Rock Metal Group 2022 came to a close with melodious music. The excited thoughts of the staff representatives attending the conference could not be calmed for a long time. This is a development conference, a successful conference, and a conference that goes down in the history of the development of the group. After the meeting, all the companies (centers) of the Group immediately organized their employees to study and implement the spirit of the meeting, and all the employees of the Group embarked on the journey of the New Year with confidence.


2023 is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, a symbol of longevity, peace and prosperity in Chinese culture, indicating that 2023 is the year of hope. Finally, on behalf of the group, Chairman Huo extended the most sincere holiday greetings to everyone, "I hope our overseas team can achieve greater achievements in the New Year. I hope you have a very harmonious, very united and very progressive Spring Festival." I wish all my colleagues and their families at home and abroad a happy New Year, good health and all the best.